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Chkfake App: How to identify fake Indian currency notes through app.

A new mobile phone app has been released to inform you of fake cash notes.

This app is called Chkfake. You can distinguish between real money notes and fake ones with the aid of this mobile app. Users can utilize Chkfake to verify the legitimacy of foreign cash notes. ChkFake’s Julius Amrit claims that this app is the only one in the world to provide this solution. Nearly all central banks frequently introduce new capabilities for their currencies. These intricate security measures are very challenging for counterfeiters to duplicate and equally challenging for consumers to verify. Users should be aware of these features and take precautions to protect themselves.

How to use Chkfake app to identify fake currency notes?

  • Chkfake makes identifying and checking these features easy in three simple steps, Search – Select – Verify.
  • Users just have to download the app, search for their currency note and the app will assist the user to locate and verify the security features in the note.
  • The app is free, available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and is updated regularly for users to check the latest features on notes issued by central banks.

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