60 Funny TrueCaller Name Suggestions

Truecaller is a popular caller identification and spam blocking application for smartphones. It is designed to help users identify incoming calls, including the name and location of the caller, even if the number is not saved in their contacts.

Most people use truecaller to avoid spam calls from hackers or burglars. The user can suggest a name for each mobile number to truecaller. Truecaller use this data to show the most relevant name for the caller to the user for their best experience. But you might have seen many calls that have very funny names.

Here below you can find such funny name suggestions for the callers you want to rename. You can also prank your friends by doing so.

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Best Funny TrueCaller Names

  1. Unknown Alien
  2. Master of the Universe
  3. The Enigma
  4. Mystery Inc.
  5. Agent Smith
  6. Nacho Libre
  7. Voldemort
  8. The Flash
  9. Batman Beyond
  10. The Phantom Menace
  11. Curry Connoisseur
  12. Raja Riddles
  13. Chaat Chortler
  14. Samosa Slayer
  15. Bolly Buffoon
  16. Lassi Laugher
  17. Tikka Titter
  18. Saree Snicker
  19. Jalebi Jester
  20. Maharaja Chuckles
  21. Papad Prankster
  22. Rajma Rioter
  23. Dosai Droll
  24. Butter Chicken Comedian
  25. Korma Kingpin
  26. Masala Mischief
  27. Chapati Chuckler
  28. Bhangra Buff
  29. Bhindi Banter
  30. Dosa Dynamo
  31. Gulab Jamun Jester
  32. Paneer Prankster
  33. Bollywood Banterer
  34. Vada Vadivelu
  35. Raita Rascal
  36. Kebab Kiddo
  37. Roti Riddler
  38. Curry Clown
  39. Chai Chuckler
  40. Naan Noodle
  41. Pani Puri Prank
  42. Aloo Amuser
  43. Biryani Buff
  44. Paratha Peculiar
  45. Tandoori Tickle
  46. Idli Imp
  47. Rajnikanth Rib-Tickler
  48. Bhatura Banter
  49. Kofta Comedian
  50. Sambar Smarty
  51. Kheer Chuckler
  52. Coconut Chortler
  53. Chaat Chap
  54. Laddu Laugher
  55. Gulab Gadfly
  56. Masala Marauder
  57. Mango Mirth
  58. Tamarind Tidbit
  59. Mirchi Maverick
  60. Butter Naan Buffoon
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