How to apply for IPO in Upstox? Step-By-Step

Upstox is a financial technology company based in India that provides online trading and investment services. It is a prominent stockbroker and trading platform that allows individuals to buy and sell stocks and commodities in the Indian stock market. Upstox offers a user-friendly trading platform, research tools, and various financial products to assist investors and traders in making informed decisions. It has gained popularity for its low-cost brokerage services and ease to use mobile app, making it a popular choice for both seasoned traders and new investors in India. In this tutorial, i will guide you through all the steps you need to apply for IPO in Upstox.

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How to apply for IPO in Upstox?

To apply for an IPO in Upstox, you can follow these steps:

Open an Upstox Demat Account

 If you don’t already have an Upstox account, you’ll need to open one. You can do this by visiting the Upstox website or using their android or iOS mobile app.

Complete Your KYC

Ensure your Know Your Customer (KYC) process is completed. You’ll need to provide necessary identification and address proof documents as part of this process.

Check IPO Availability

Log in to your Upstox account and check ‘Discover’ tab for the availability of the IPO you want to apply for.

Place Your IPO Bid

Select the IPO you want to apply for and place your bid by taping on ‘Invest in IPO’ at the navigation bar at the bottom to place your IPO bid. You’ll need to specify the number of shares you want to apply for and the bid price. Make sure to read the IPO prospectus and provide accurate information.

Make Payment

To apply for an IPO through Upstox, you need to make the payment using the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) method. Ensure your UPI ID is linked to your Upstox account. The amount will be blocked in your bank account until the IPO allotment is completed.

Monitor Allotment

Once the IPO application window is closed, you’ll need to monitor the IPO allotment status. Upstox will provide information on whether you have been allotted shares in the IPO.

Sell or Hold Shares

If you are allotted shares, you can choose to sell them in the secondary market once they are listed on the stock exchange, or you can hold them in your Upstox Demat account.

Note: Make sure you are making payment from the bank account named same as the buyer if the IPO. The IPO application will get rejected if a different UPI ID is used. 

See the full video tutorial on how to apply for ipo in upstox.

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