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India Tops making most digital payments, 89.5 million transactions in 2022

With 89.5 million transactions, India topped the list of the top five countries for digital payments in 2022, according to data from MyGovIndia.

In 2022, India will be responsible for 46% of all real-time payments done worldwide, and its total digital payment transactions will be more than those of the other top four economies combined.

With 29.2 million transactions, Brazil came in second on the list, followed by China with 17.6 million.

Thailand is in fourth place with 16.5 million digital transactions, followed by South Korea with 8 million, according to data from MyGovIndia.

The Indian government runs a platform for citizen involvement called MyGovIndia that gives people the chance to participate at the local level and work towards Surajya.

The country’s rural economy is evolving, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who claimed earlier this year that India leads the world in digital payments.

In terms of digital payments, India is at the top. One of the nations where mobile data is most affordable is India. The rural economy of the nation is changing today, the PM stated.

Experts from the RBI claim that India has recently reached significant digital payment milestones, both in terms of value and volume, demonstrating the resilience and acceptance of the country’s payment ecosystem.

Source: Lagataar 24

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