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India & UAE hold talks to link grids through subsea cables.

Under the ‘one sun, one world, one grid’ project, India and the UAE conducted negotiations last week to connect their systems via undersea cables so that both nations could trade in renewable energy.

According to informed individuals who spoke to ET, the nations are aiming to sign an MoU for electricity connectivity and trade. The Cabinet has received a proposal for subsea cable grid connectivity, according to two people. According to them, the UAE will conduct a feasibility study. Because of the time difference, solar energy can be sold between the two nations, according to a government official.

Although limited to hydrocarbons, bilateral relations between India and the UAE in the energy sector have been strong. But recently, according to another source, they have expanded to include renewable energy.
India can consider using Oman as a port of call and then using the connectivity to the United Arab Emirates. As the UAE intends to increase its grid connectivity with North Africa and Europe, giving it the chance to sell renewable energy further, this would be strategically significant for India.

By 2030, India wants to have 500 GW of renewable energy capacity, with solar energy playing a significant part. The nation currently has 67.8 GW of installed solar power capacity. Along with cooperation and knowledge sharing, the nations are considering investing in sustainable energy and reforming the electricity market and distribution. Effective cooling systems are one of the COP28’s common interest themes, which the UAE is hosting.

Source: Economic Times

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