Invest DSM Announces Major Development Site for Highland Park … – City of Des Moines, IA

Press Release

Des Moines, Iowa — Monday, April 10, 2023 — Invest DSM, a collaboration between the City of Des Moines and Polk County committed to neighborhood revitalization, announced today a major development opportunity for the Highland Park and Oak Park Neighborhoods.

In the heart of the two north side Des Moines neighborhoods, The Commons at Highland Park, will provide a mixed-use development site on the southwest corner of Euclid Avenue and 6th Avenue and deliver dozens of affordable housing units and street-level commercial space for future retail opportunities.

“Invest DSM has been heavily involved in the revitalization of this neighborhood and business district,” Invest DSM Executive Director Amber Lynch said. “We have seen the results with new businesses opening up and the increased demand for housing in this area, the momentum is starting to build.”

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