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Is it worth buying a personalized health insurance plan?

Personalized health insurance plans: Covid- 19 had given a big push to the health insurance industry. Today, more people are getting aware of the benefits of safeguarding their health against unforeseen medical emergencies in the future, and there is gaining popularity in the industry of the varied needs of consumers.

Ajay Shah, Head – Distribution, Care Health Insurance said that people with pre-existing ailments, certain genetic attributes, or unique needs & lifestyles can have a health insurance policy underwritten basis their specific requirements. With the advent of wearable devices, health-tracking apps, and other cutting-edge technologies backed by AI, people have access to a wealth of information about their health. By leveraging this data, they can make well-informed decisions about choosing the right coverage that caters to their individual needs.

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New-age health insurance products

Unlike traditional insurance plans, which often imposed a one-size-fits-all approach, new age Health Insurance products with their diverse benefits and add-ons offer customers the freedom to tailor their coverage based on their individual health needs and budget. 

Personalised health insurance plans

Personalised health insurance plans offering critical illness plans, maternity plans, medications, and no room rent capping are increasingly getting popular amongst consumers today.

Health Insurance plans now even include coverage for OPD expenses (physical or e-mode), diagnostic tests, free annual health check-ups and much more,” said Ajay Shah

In addition, these plans allow customers to select their healthcare providers and also provide cashless medical treatment at network hospitals, Shah added.

As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, health insurance products are poised to become an even more vital choice for individuals who wish to take charge of their health security and make informed decisions about their coverage.

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