Man got his RTI reply in 40,000 pages, carried them home in SUV.

This happened with Dharmendra Shukla of Indore when he got a response to his RTI related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although he got the reply on 40,000 pages which he carried home in his SUV car.

Since Shukla’s petition was not responded to within a month, it appears that he was not required to pay the prescribed 2 per page.

Shukla was quoted by news agency PTI as stating on Saturday, “I had submitted an RTI plea with the Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) of Indore seeking details of tenders and bill payments connected to the procurement of medicines, equipment, and allied materials during the COVID-19 pandemic period,” 

Shukla approached Dr. Sharad Gupta, the first appellate officer, after waiting a month and still not receiving the reply. The latter agreed with the request and ordered that the information be provided without charge.

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“I took my SUV to ferry the documents and the entire vehicle got packed. Only the driver’s seat remained free,” he said.

The report also stated that Dr. Sharad Gupta, an appellate officer and the regional joint director of the state health department, claimed to have issued an order mandating the information’s free distribution.

According to the first appellate officer, he instructed the CMHO to take necessary action against the employees responsible for the state exchequer’s loss of 80,000 because the information wasn’t provided in a timely manner.

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