Nothing Phone 2

Nothing Phone 2 will be made in India – New height to Make in India efforts

The new smartphone, dubbed “Phone (2),” will be produced in India, according to a Monday announcement by the London-based consumer electronics company Nothing.

“Smartphones are famous for nothing except their recognizable transparent designs. According to a statement from Manu Sharma, vice president and general manager of Nothing India, “These designs call for high-tech manufacturing processes and precision engineering, which have improved India’s smartphone manufacturing capabilities.”

“Our desire to manufacture in India demonstrates our dedication to the needs of the regional market. We are delighted to declare that Phone (2) would be produced in India,” he continued.

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Nothing just announced that the Phone (2) will have a certified carbon footprint of 53.45 kg, over 5 kg less than the Phone (1), thanks to SGS_SA, a Swiss international company that offers inspection, verification, testing, and certification services.

The business claimed that this was a noteworthy accomplishment in light of the overall performance improvement, 200 mAh battery boost, and 0.15-inch-larger screen than the Phone (1).

The Snapdragon 8 Series chipset will power Phone (2), a clear improvement over Phone (1), according to Nothing’s founder Carl Pei’s statement from last month.

According to preliminary tests, Phone (2) opens apps twice as quickly as Phone (1), “with an impressive 80% overall performance improvement,” Pei claimed in a tweet.

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