Now you can buy medical cover from PhonePe’s Health Insurance 

On 18th July, PhonePe Insurance Broking Services the introduction of health insurance plans that provide all-inclusive coverage in collaboration with numerous insurers. The addition of monthly payments through UPI, which makes them more affordable, distinguishes these plans from others.

A fully-owned subsidiary of PhonePe Pvt. Ltd., PhonePe Insurance Broking Services is registered with IRDAI as a Direct Broker (Life and General). To date, PhonePe has provided more than 200 million auto insurance quotations while selling more than 5.6 million policies over 98% of India’s PIN codes.

Users of these health insurance plans are free to select any hospital room without any restrictions or caps thanks to their coverage of up to Rs 1 crore. Ingenious features like a bonus cover up to seven times the base insurance amount for each year without a claim are also available to users. To help customers choose wisely, submit claims, and access other services, PhonePe Insurance Broking’s plans come with pre- and post-sales support.

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One of the major obstacles to purchasing health insurance has been cost, but we have overcome this by developing India’s first health insurance marketplace that is centred on monthly payments, according to Hemant Gala, PhonePe’s Vice President for Financial Services. With consumers being able to pay in monthly installments with a considerably smaller financial strain, we think this will lead to deep penetration.

On PhonePe, buying health insurance is quick and easy. All a user has to do is this:

  • Complete the necessary information for each member you want to insure.
  • Enter your personal and medical information on the following page after selecting the desired quote from the quotes section of the website.
  • Review the data and choose whether to make a monthly or annual payment after doing so.
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