Why Amazon Prime & ZEE5 are interested in video rental business?

Platforms are also taking a look at transactional video-on-demand (TVoD) services, where viewers can rent movies for a set amount of time for less than the entire membership cost, in their quest to find the best income model. Rental prices for ZEE5, for instance, range from Rs 29 to Rs 349. According to ZEE5 Chief Business Officer Manish Kalra, bundles, sachets, and customizable price points are how cable TV and DTH evolved when they were placed behind a paywall. This year, we want to expand our TVoD offerings so that viewers can taste a wide variety of programming. While pricing is crucial, the current priority is to grow the market and the subscriber base.

He adds that a low, single-digit portion of ZEE5’s overall revenue comes from rents. Users of Amazon Prime Video can also rent movies. “The thought is simple: expand the choice available to our customers through industry-wide collaborations, and make streaming an even more convenient experience,” says Sushant Sreeram, Country Director at Amazon Prime Video, India, of its marketplace hub, Prime Video Channels and Movie Rentals, which offers access to content outside of the Prime subscription.

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According to Krishna from Chrome, TVoD has a flirtatious audience and is plagued by the inconveniences of utilizing credit cards and OTPs on a regular basis. According to Kalra, it is comparable to the FMCG industry’s successful foray into rural markets with the Rs 1-shampoo sachets. “Does TVoD increase the number of those subscribers, or does it decrease the number of yearly subscribers? We’ll get it,” he promises.

Undoubtedly, as the Indian OTT market develops, the SVoD market will also grow. However, it is presently projected that telecom bundling accounts for 50–75% of SVoD income. “Most subscribers [for OTT platforms] come from bundling with telcos, where you have a lot of people in a telecom plan. But how many people activate their accounts? What is their engagement?” said Monika Shergill, VP of Content at Netflix India, at an event in Mumbai in May. “It’s early days for the industry, but it’s not as early to become responsible in terms of what model of streaming we are building,” she added. 

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