Why Fractional Ownership is Better than Buying a Whole NFT?

Buying NFTs is great, as nowadays you’re not just getting a picture of a wacky whatever with a hundred thousand dollar price tag imposed on it. There’s actual benefits to buying NFTs now ranging from community-specific events and activities to more facets of earning and stature of power within the cryptocurrency world! And while NFTs aren’t as big as they once were during the heydays of the NFT hype train, they still prove to be one of the most useful things that came out of the Cryptocurrency Industry!

One thing great about NFTs is the fact that they tend to give way for more advanced forms of technology to take place and improve upon itself. It’s seemingly a side effect of it being under cryptocurrency’s wing, but it’s a welcome thing nonetheless.

A massive change that happened within the NFT industry quite recently is the introduction of NFT Fractionalization, which as the name implies, is the process of dividing a whole NFT into equally valuable parts to be sold and be owned as if it’s the main NFT! From this concept alone, you’d notice how game-changing Fractionalized NFTs are by a longshot.

But the biggest claim out there, and we actually stand by it, is the fact that they are much better than buying a whole NFT!

Let’s explore that notion.

Fractional NFT are Better than a Whole NFT?

Arguably, there’s more progress and notice conducted on Fractional NFTs than Whole NFTs itself. Enterprises like for one, has been working painstakingly to drive the use and utilities of Fractional NFTs to the main market, where it would definitely make grounds if it were to be discovered.

There’s levels to why Fractional NFTs are better than NFTs itself, more than the revenue potential that a project could generate from Fractional NFTs, here’s more of what they can do that Whole NFTs cannot!

Cheaper Buys, Cheaper Fees:

For those who do not know it yet, Fractional NFTs such as those that are available at marketplaces like are cheaper than regular NFTs. Most of all, since they carry less “weight” in the network compared to conventional NFTs which can go to tens of dollars in transaction fees during high-volume scenarios, Fractional NFTs maintain a cheap rate through and through without compromise!

This spells well for those investors and NFT believers who want to get on to projects even with a low bankroll, which is great for everyone, be it the project, or the investor!

Entry Price Accessibility

Since prices for Fractional NFTs are significantly lower than conventional NFTs, entry prices for collections that enable Fractional NFTs are lowered by a large margin too! This gives everyone an opportunity to get on to projects regardless of their price, and have a taste of the benefits and features that they offer without breaking the bank!


The fact that Fractional NFTs are efficiently managed by the network compared to regular NFTs is just a gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it provide benefits for the user and the enterprise itself, but since transactions use electricity, and Fractional NFTs induce less transaction stress to the system as it’s being processed, this results in less waste and less electricity used which altogether improves the carbon efficiency of the industry!

This is so important especially nowadays when the whole cryptocurrency industry is under fire for using too much energy for mining and processing of transactions, thanks to Fractional NFTs, the same principle could be applied to the rest of the industry which will  mean great for the environment!

Portfolio Diversity

Imagine getting more bang from your buck in the NFT industry? Wouldn’t that sound nice? Now what if I tell you that Fractional NFTs make this happen on a daily basis?

Fractional NFTs enable every investor to diversify their NFT portfolio by buying NFTs for cheap instead of spending a large sum of money in a single Non Fungible Token! This opens a massive door of possibilities for success and profit to investors who aren’t capable of buying expensive blue-chip NFTs.

Now, instead of spending your whole bag on a single blue-chip NFT and holding it for months on end until it turns a profit, you can practically buy multiple Fractional NFTs at once and day-trade them for a quicker profit turnout! If you’re one to hold NFTs for their features and benefits, that’s great too as this gives you more NFTs to enjoy the use-cases of!

Project Liquidity

Whole NFTs, while practically more valuable, are also sometimes assets that couldn’t be sold, transferred, or bought right away. Due to this, a lot of NFT projects in the past died off from poor to no price and transaction movement, which ultimately leads to projects dying off, investors with no recompense, and NFTs collecting dust in the investor’s bag!

Now, with Fractional NFTs and their relatively cheaper but valuable-enough price point, price movement is no longer a running problem and every investor could go about selling, buying, and trading these nifty little nuggets of infinite possibilities, which will also help the project gain transaction volume in the process!

Why You Should Buy More Fractional NFTs

Since Fractional NFTs like those available for purchase and collection at have proven time and time again that they are more potent than their whole counterparts, it’s plain to see why buying Fractional NFTs would be the wiser choice if you wanted to make it in this billion-dollar industry as an investor.

But if knowing about the advantages of Fractional NFTs over regular ones is still no enough to convince you to make that switch, here’s why you should:

More advanced than NFTs

Fractional NFTs are far more advanced than conventional NFTs, since they succeed the latter by a longshot. Furthermore, the amount of attention that they have been receiving from enthusiasts, developers, and project founders alike was more than enough exposure for them to be the main focus of some of the biggest NFT collections in the market!

As of the moment, projects like who advocate for the widespread adoption of Fractional NFTs are growing by the numbers, and soon enough, if the cards are played right, the whole NFT industry will be full of Fractional NFTs with tons of benefits for a portion of the price!

Cheaper with the same benefits

Fractional NFTs are effective representatives of their parent whole NFTs, meaning that they carry every data and privilege that its main NFT possesses, including image data, use cases, benefits, and privileges! This means that in most cases, you don’t need to buy the parent NFT anymore just to get on a train of massive benefits and features, all you need to do is buy an Fractional NFT, and you’re good to go!

Easy to get on to and sell in the secondary market

Due to their low prices and large quantities, Fractional NFTs are easier to sell and purchase in the secondary market, boosting trade volume, as well as liquidity and revenue for projects, owners, and creators!

Future Use-case Implications

Last but certainly not the least, the amount of future potential that it holds. Since Fractional NFTs, at least for the most part, sit nicely in between the NFT-centric ERC-721 mechanism and the token-specific ERC-20, the future of use cases, features and utilities are endless for Fractional NFTs. Being able to act as a bridge between two consensus mechanisms is something unheard of until the introduction of Fractional NFTs, and with this in mind the possibilities are practically limited by the creator’s imagination and ambition! 

Wrap Up

It doesn’t need much to be said at this point, Ownership of Fractional NFTs are just better than buying a whole NFT. From simple reasons such as low price entry to more audacious ones like the future implications it could bring to the table, buying Fractional NFTs shouldn’t be a matter of “how” at this point, as marketplaces and hubs that specifically cater to Fractional NFTs like are available in a click. At this point the question you should be asking yourself is “how soon can I get on this Fractional NFT train?”

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